Saturday, January 30, 2010

Week 21


I wanted to see a covered bridge in the snow, so Darrell drove me to the best one I could find.  It is in Hendersonville, and it was built the year I was – 1980.  :^)

It's a little private drive bridge that crosses a creek.  The sound of the water and the bright white snow were so pretty!  They got really soft snow there without any ice on top like we did.  (We got crème brulée snow in Antioch.)

I would like to go visit a very historic covered bridge at some point.  Any suggestions?  I found a nice list here, but it includes some pretty fruity ones here and there.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Week 20


Peeking up into our attic probably wasn't the best thing to do when I have a cold, but I really don't feel up to getting out and about.  I've always wanted to look at our attic, though.  I just never have. 

Since we live in a split-level, I use the attic that is situated over the bottom portion of the house, because the access is easier.  I'd never even lifted the entrance to this part of the attic before.

It was new and exciting... well, as much excitement as I can possibly handle right now.  Time to go to the store to buy Kleenex.  Yay.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week 19


Darrell and I ventured out in the drizzly rain to Stones River Greenway.  It was nice and quiet, and I could hear the rain pitter-pattering on the leaves while we walked. 

I got my jacket dirty laying on the rail, but it was totally worth it.

More info about the Stones River Greenway project here.  And there's photo another photo of me plus me and Darrell and one of the river on my Flickr page.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week 18


Darrell and I ventured out in the icy flurries to Fort Negley.  I was hoping to take some artsy photos while we were there, but it was too darn cold.  I should be hibernating right now.

I would like to go back to Fort Negley when the weather is nice so that we can explore the visitor's center and all the signage.  The original trails would be fun to walk, also.

Side Note: I got an insect bite right beside by left eye while we were out.  It is crazy to think a gnat would survive in this weather.  I told Darrell maybe I'm allergic to Fort Negley.  His response?  "Your anti-war sentiments are making you break out in hives."  Ha!

More information about Nashville's Fort Negley here.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Week 17


Since Osiris needed medicine twice a day at Xmastime, our holiday visit to Chattanooga was cut short.  So, we went back down for New Year's Day.  Wilma asked permission for us to shoot fireworks down by the river where they keep the Community Garden, and they kindly allowed us to go there. 

It was a beautiful, clear, COLD night.  The moon was much larger than it appears in this photo.  Darrell and Christopher shot the fireworks while Micki, Father, Wilma, Uncle Eddie, and I huddled together for warmth.

Happy 2010!