Saturday, October 31, 2009

Week 08


This weekend was spent in Chattanooga.  First, we'd gone off in search of Stubbs Artificial Limbs.  However, Stubbs eluded us.  (We'll find it another time.)

So, I thought it over and realized that there is a monument right off the interstate entrance ramp in my hometown, Lookout Valley, that I've always wanted to explore.  We found it, and then discovered US Boundary NPS signs as well as an old, faded Cummings Bottom sign.  So, we explored on foot!


We walked a fair distance, and then headed back.  Later, we looked up more info, and there is an old cemetery further in, Fryar Cemetery.  Hopefully, we'll get to explore that on a day when the weather is more cooperative.

I couldn't find any links for more information about Cummings Bottom.  I found that it has Civil War historical relevance, but not much more than that.  If anyone has any more information about it, please send it my way. 

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week 07


Discussing new places to go with Jessica at work, she recommended a little joint called Hot Diggity Dogs off Ewing in Nashville.  It was a fun little place to eat.  I had two soy dogs with yellow mustard, and Darrell had two all-beef hot dogs with cheese.  We both had French fries, and they were mighty tasty as well.

My only qualm was the amount of waste our meal generated – 4 styrofoam hot dog containers and two styrofoam cups.  I'm thinking they should reevaulate their serving packaging there... it could save them some money and save a lot of waste.

However, it was still a very worthwhile venture.  My stomach was pleased!  Thanks, Jessica.  :^)

More info at

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Week 06


For this week, Darrell and I visited somewhere I've heard only good things about – Las Paletas.

I was a bad quasi-vegan, and I had a Mexican Caramel paleta.  Darrell had cantaloupe.

They were indeed mighty, mighty tasty.  What a treat!  More Las Paletas info here.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 05


This week brought me to Memphis to the Cook Convention Center for the AIGA Make|Think conference.  I was frightened to be alone in a "networking" atmosphere, but I found a good balance between some socialization, learning, and introspection.  Plus, I got to make a print with Jim Sherraden from Hatch Show Print and draw a monster with Stefan G. Bucher of 344 Design.

My feet hurt.  I have strange, asymmetrical cramps in my left foot, right shin, and left hip.  I'm tired.  But, I'm hopeful and re-energized about the work I do.

Click here for more pictures from the conference.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Week 04


After a long day of yard work at two houses, Darrell and I finally made the journey out to another new place.  I decided that since it was so pretty outside today, we should go to the Cumberland River Pedestrian Bridge.  We've been meaning to go to it since it opened in 2007/2008-ish, but we hadn't made the time.  I love bridges.

We couldn't've asked for a better day than today.  It was beautiful and quiet. 

I also took this picture, but it felt very wintery, so I decided the one above would be more representative of the day.